Elections & FII Investments.

by Mimi Partha Sarathy   |   Published April 16th, 2019

Yes, all of us are in some way, following the much awaited General Elections with the news flooded with amazing poll – time promises and freebies, people jumping from one party to another with name-calling, political opportunism, debates on nat...

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Budget Highlights – Income Tax and Real Estate Income

by Mimi Partha Sarathy   |   Published February 6th, 2019

Honorable Finance Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal presented the interim budget 2019-20 on February 1st. Following are the key highlights from his speech on Personal Finance and Sinhasi Consultant’s view on the same. Tax Proposals I. Income Tax: Individua...

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by Mimi Partha Sarathy   |   Published January 30th, 2019

The Government is all set to present the interim budget this Friday – February 1st. This would be the last budget before the General elections and the Government may offer big tax cuts to woo the voters. An interim budget refers to the budget p...

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by Mimi ParthaSarathy   |   Published January 29th, 2019

Electoral Bond is a financial instrument (similar to a promissory note) for making donations to political parties. These are issued by Scheduled Commercial Banks upon authorization from the Central Government to intending donors, but only against che...

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All you need to know about HUFs

by Mimi Partha Sarathy   |   Published October 4th, 2018

HUF means Hindu Undivided Family and is treated as a person under Section 2(31) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. HUF is considered as a separate entity and is taxed separately from its members. HUF is a family which consists of persons lineally descended...

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Financial Literacy

by Mimi Partha Sarathy   |   Published September 27th, 2018

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works – how someone manages their money and invests it. It is the ability to manage one’s personal finance in an efficient manner. You can easily compare Financial Literacy to the lear...

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Financial Planning for Singles

by Mimi ParthaSarathy   |   Published September 25th, 2018

Whether by choice or due to some other circumstances, singles are an emerging consumer segment on the Indian landscape. Singles have different financial planning needs when compared to their married friends or co-workers. According to Nielson, (a glo...

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Trust: Its role in Succession Planning

by Mimi Partha Sarathy   |   Published September 14th, 2018

Estate planning is one of the important aspects of financial planning. It helps in arranging in advance the management of an individual’s assets in the event of their death. Estate planning includes eliminating the uncertainties of the probate and ...

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Artificial Intelligence and its impact on Financial Sector

by Mimi ParthaSarathy   |   Published September 11th, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also known as machine learning, is the branch of computer science that emphasizes on the creation of intelligent machines. These machines can learn from the past experiences, perceive the environment and take action accor...

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Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Sector

by Mimi ParthaSarathy   |   Published September 4th, 2018

A Blockchain is a growing list of records or ledgers, called blocks, where transactions can be recorded and verified electronically on the computers that are connected to the network. This ledger grows as the chain of blocks increases. Each block has...

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