How Yoga and Investments interconnect?

17 July, 2018

            How Yoga and Investments interconnect?

Yoga is more than a physical exercise, it is more inclined towards our inner spiritual progress. Yoga connects our mind and body together. It uses practices which helps one control the mind rather than mind controlling us. Yoga increases mindfulness. There are many studies which show that mindfulness improves attention to detail and focus by clearing the clutter around our head which results in better decision making.

And if you look at the important aspects of both Yoga and good Investment planning,you will find that both are interconnected. Yoga not only makes you a better individual both internally and externally, it also makes you a better investor.

1. Spiritual Goal/Investment Goals

All yoga practices have goals – be it becoming fit, flexible, or a final spiritual goal to attain fulfillment in one’s life. In Yoga, there has to be a constant focus on one’s goal to achieve it. Similarly, when it comes to investments, they are almost all goal oriented – retirement, education planning, house purchase, planning for children and all your financial aspirations. With financial goals in place, investments perform much better as they are regularly reviewed in accordance with the goals.

2. Sacrifice the Ego within/Investment Illusions

Our Vedic scriptures tell us that ego is a self-created illusion. One of the prime objectives of Yoga is to let go of this illusion of ME (ego) or MINE from within. This helps in attaining inner peace. Once this ME is removed, you stop defining territories and all becomes ONE.

When it comes to finances, you will find there are many illusions there as well in the form of promised higher returns from an un-authorized broker, products with no underlying assets, or portfolio churning for higher returns. But one needs to think thoroughly and let go of the urge to earn unrealistic profits resulting in a portfolio which delivers what is expected out of it.

3. Self-discipline

Without Self-discipline i.e. Tapas you will not be able to attain the fruits that Yoga offers. Yoga needs a commitment from the mind, body, and soul. Only when yoga practices are followed with complete discipline they yield positive results.

Discipline is the key driving force behind investments also. Regular investments help one achieve financial freedom at a much better pace and makes the outcome of your financial planning more predictable. Irregularity in investments will not help in goal fulfillment.

4. Simplicity or Self-restraint

Yoga emphasizes on Simplicity in one’s life i.e. it focuses on Aparigraha. Aparigraha is the virtue of non-possessiveness or non-greediness. It is self-restraint from any type of greed where one’s material gain comes by doing bad deeds or destroying any form of nature.

If we are getting good returns from our investments we tend to become greedy and want more returns. And this might result in putting all eggs in one basket which is not good for the long-term portfolio growth. Hence, one should learn to apply self-restraint when it comes to investments and plan as per financial goals and asset allocation.

5. Understand Yourself or Swadhyaya

Introspection or understanding your own self is one of the niyamas (duties) in yoga. It is to bring awareness to the self. In yoga, this is attained by continuous repetition of sacred texts or mantras.

In the world of personal finance also, we often fail to understand the difference between our real needs and our wants/desires which is actually our failure of understanding our true self. It is important to differentiate between the two and then set financial goals accordingly. We can’t ignore our needs, but we can surely ignore or at least delay our wants.This can be attained by revisiting our financial plan and goals on regular basis.

At the end of the day, we all want contentment (Samtosha) be it our personal lives, professional lives or even our investments. It means entire satisfaction or acceptance of one’s circumstances which is possible through Yoga. It makes more sense in applying these yogic principles to all phases of our lives including our investments as they all lead to Samtosha in our daily lives.

Sinhasi & the Zen of Investing

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