Just started working? Learn to deal with your credit

10 July, 2018 0 Comments

            Deal with your credit

Some people are usually great at managing money.

They plan everything perfectly from saving each month to sticking to their budget and living a debt free life. But for few, it is a challenge especially if you have just started working. It’s very important to follow a few money rules especially if you are a woman. Though women and men work in the same competitive corporate world, they both live their lives differently and have different responsibilities on their shoulders.

Getting paychecks in the bank account on regular basis without any additional liability can make anyone a spender. And since there is already an income one can easily get credit either in the form of a credit card or from the bank. Sometimes these spending habits go a little out of hand and people tend to shift towards available credit options. Relying on credit cards when running out of cash is not at all a good idea. Here are the few things to be understood on how you can avoid credit.

The Feel Good Factor

When you have just started earning, you will find all types of people – most of them would be party maniacs having more spending capacity than earning capacity. They live as if they are living the best type of life and you with your savings are just worthless. It becomes a challenge to live your own life and you tend to become like them in order to show your worth.

Don’t spend money to make others think you have the right life or please others and try to feel good. Instead, do things that promote self-respect and creativity so that you don’t have to seek self-worth in spending money. One of the best ways to create wealth is to spend less than what we earn.

Discuss Money with Parents

These days it has become very uncool to discuss salary details with the parents. Thinking that as long as we don’t ask money from our parents, it is okay to spend on whatever we like. Even when they ask about our earnings we decide not to tell them.

This is again a very grave mistake from our end. One should always remember the times when parents used to keep our demands before their needs and we used to get gifts of our likings. Only if we discuss money with our parents, they will be able to help us with its management telling us if we are saving enough or splurging more than required.

No Budget

Maintaining a budget is again an important aspect of money management. It also helps in focusing on spending and working on one’s financial goals. You can really change your relationship with money by just setting up monthly budget. If you do not plan your finances, it becomes too easy to add on to more loans without improving your ability to clear these loans.

Think Long-Term

Sheila, age 25 years old, working for just 6 months bought a car on loan. And after 6 months of using that car she gets married in other city and she decides not to continue with her job anymore. Now, the existing loan has become a liability for either the parents or the husband. The best possible solution could be to sell the car and it might not happen overnight. Women need to understand the long term impact of their buying decisions and then only go ahead with such purchases.

Overwhelming Amount of Debt

If you already have an overwhelming amount of debt, it is advisable to take control of the situation and begin to make changes that will help you turnaround your financial situation. One should set up a debt payment plan to pay off the debts in a disciplined manner.

At the end of the day, it is not a good idea to struggle to maintain your monthly bank balance every month. It clearly means that there is a cash flow problem in the planned budget. Hence, it is very important for one to plan and spend their money wisely. Wants and needs should be categorised accordingly as unnecessary regular spending might lead to lots of unwanted loans to pay.

Empowering women through money matters and financial independence

This initiative of women empowerment has been started by Sinhasi to educate women on their rights with regards to money and finances. Because, Sinhasi believes that true women empowerment begins with financial empowerment.

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