Vol. 5, Dec 2021

07 December, 2021

            Vol. 5, Dec 2021

Of Resilience & Inspiration

Strategies don’t change on a month-to-month basis. It needs resilient following over a long period to get extraordinary gains. And our theme for the month is resilience and inspiration.

Leading the foray in this newsletter, is an initiative from the government, an inspiring new way for the retail investor to participate in government securities

Leading the foray in this newsletter, is an initiative from the government, an inspiring new way for the retail investor to participate in government securities - Retail Direct Gilt Account introduced by RBI.


For business inspiration we looked at Falguni Nayar’s achievement with Nykaa while also looking at the resilience of Padma Shri awardees – Lakhimi Barua and Tulasi Gowda in the field of their social work.


The next inspiring piece of writing brings us to our next generation, where we tried to analyse their resistance to our way of financial thinking and what inspires them - Are we too Critical of our Children’s ability to plan their Finances?


And to end it all we come back to you, your goals your plans and whether you can really time your investment in equity markets. Be resilient!



Inspiration from Other Sources

Annual Information Statement vs Form 26AS:
Now get more information at one place to file ITR

The Income Tax Department has announced the roll-out of an Annual Information Statement (AIS), which would provide you with almost all details about your financial transactions during the year. Compared to Form 26AS, AIS is a much more detailed one, with many more details included. So, AIS would make filing Income Tax Return (ITR) easier by providing more information at a single place than the current Form 26AS.

The below article by The Financial Express India really brings out the changes that have been effected from the Form 26AS to the new AIS.



PMC Bank Rescue:
RBI Draft Scheme Proposes Staggered Deposit Payout

According to RBI’s draft scheme, the assets and liabilities of PMC bank will be transferred to Unity Small Finance Bank promoted by Centrum Group & BharatPe. As per draft scheme, retail depositors (96% of depositors) with FDs less than Rs.5 lakh who have waited resiliently will be paid through Insurance from DICGC (Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation). Depositors with FD more than Rs.10 lakh will get their pay-outs staggered in next 5-10 years with no interest for first 4 years & 2.75% pa interest for remaining period.

This event clearly indicates the vulnerability of keeping FDs with small banks, co-operative banks etc to get a few additional basis points of interest. But the event inspired everyone and underscored the need for everyone to maintain resilience. Keep hard-earned money with only 'systemically important banks' as defined by RBI. Currently, systemically important banks in India are SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank.


Global Investors Views on surging inflation

In this article, views of JP Morgan, Blackrock and other global investors are there on the current uninspiring inflation scenario

The consensus views are as follows,

  1. Current inflation risk in 2021 was under-priced by almost everyone
  2. Current surge in inflation is predominantly due to a supply glut.
  3. Inflation is expected to soften in year 2022.
  4. Expectation on interest rate hike is now preponed to Mid of 2022 from earlier expectation of year 2023.
  5. Inflation & Interest rate risks are high for long duration bonds.