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Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Chairman and Managing Director,Biocon Ltd, Bangalore
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2005)

“I have known Mimi’s penchant for investment banking long for before she started Sinhasi. It was but a natural decision for me to entrust my investment needs to Mimi when she started Sinhasi.

Sinhasi has differentiated itself as a specialist boutique investment advisory service which has catered to my requirements in a very personalized way. I have benefited from Sinhasi’s long term investment and insurance solutions which has buffered my investments in a turbulent investment environment.

What is commendable is Sinhasi’s insightful understanding of market and policy dynamics. I have referred them to several potential clients who have nothing but praise.

I wish Mimi and Sinhasi a future filled with exciting and rewarding opportunities”

Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar ShawChairman and Managing DirectorBiocon LtdBangalore
Mr. Sunil Alagh
Chairman, SKA Advisors and Former Managing Director,Britannia Industries Ltd, Mumbai
(https://Been a client with Mimi since 2000))

“For me what is unique about Sinhasi is that it is perhaps one of the few boutique financial advisors who cover the entire gamut of activities required for a family’s financial good health. It is not mere investments in Equity and Mutual Funds but comprehensive planning for the future based on personal requirements that are focused upon. Their forte is that they deal with each client at an individual level, rather than as one amongst many.

My family has personally benefited through Sinhasi’s consistent care and advice given to us over the years. It has been a balancing of euphoria during good times and patience in down turns. Above all, their integrity in intent and execution has been unquestionable. I have recommended Sinhasi to my colleagues and friends.”

Mr. Sunil AlaghChairman, SKA Advisors and Former Managing DirectorBritannia Industries LtdMumbai
Mr. Ravi Nedungadi
Former President UB Group Bangalore, Currently independent director on MNC boards.,,
(https://Been a client with Mimi since 2002)

“Sinhasi has been an integral part of our family’s financial security from its very inception.

Today my children too have chosen to depend on Sinhasi for securing their own financial aspirations.

Attention to Detail, Rigorous Analysis and Honest, Tailored Solutions are the hallmark of Sinhasi’s functioning and the foundation of their success. I have recommended Sinhasi to others.”

Mr. Ravi Nedungadi Former President UB Group Bangalore, Currently independent director on MNC boards.
Mr. Ashok Capoor
Former Managing Director and President,,United Spirits Ltd, , Bangalore
(https://(Been a client with Sinhasi since 2008) )

“The service from Sinhasi is very personalized and looks out for customized solutions to suit individual needs.

They have been very helpful to me in building a relevant and strong portfolio for me and my family. I have recommend Sinhasi to others.”

Mr. Ashok CapoorFormer Managing Director and President,United Spirits Ltd, Bangalore
Mr. P.A.Murali
Former Executive Director and CFO,,United Spirits Ltd., Bangalore
(https://(Been a client with Mimi since 2003) )

“I have known Sinhasi now for more than 10 years, and have always told my wife and my family that if anything should happen to me to just call Mimi or anyone at Sinhasi…they will take care of all issues regarding my financial matters. This is my faith and trust in Sinhasi, their advice and what they do. I have also introduced them to many of my colleagues as their financial planning process is simple, clear and customized.”

Mr. P.A.Murali Former Executive Director and CFO,United Spirits Ltd.Bangalore
Mr. Kanchan Pant
Former Managing Director & VP,VF Hong Kong Ltd,
(https://Been a client with Mimi since 2002)

“My family and I have been associated with Mimi for 12 years and we have a very high appreciation for her support and advice over the years in developing a rewarding financial plan. Sinhasi are highly committed and trusted financial advisors and they have consistently demonstrated a sound understanding of client needs and relevant financial investments. I have recommended Sinhasi to others. I would extend Mimi and her team my best wishes in all their endeavors.”

Mr. Kanchan PantFormer Managing Director & VPVF Hong Kong Ltd
Mrs. Waheeda Rehman
Padma Bhushan Recipient and Noted Film Actor,, Mumbai
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2010)

“I was introduced to Mimi and her team at Sinhasi by a very dear friend of mine, Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, who had recommended them highly. What I love about Sinhasi is that they made me feel very comfortable and secure, almost a familial feeling but with professionalism. The service is personalized to suit my changing circumstances and I appreciate them for explaining things to me in English and not jargon. Currently my children too are moving to Sinhasi and I would heartily recommend them to anybody. I would recommend Sinhasi to others.”

Mrs. Waheeda RehmanPadma Bhushan Recipient and Noted Film ActorMumbai
Dr. Sunita Maheshwari
Chief Dreamer and Co – Founder, Teleradiology Solutions,, Bangalore
(https://Been a client with Mimi since 2003)

.”Sinhasi is boutique, personalized and genuinely caring about the outcome of our financial planning. We have benefitted as a family as we have a long term, holistic plan in place which is scientific and thought through. We would recommend Sinhasi to others.”

Dr. Sunita MaheshwariChief Dreamer and Co – Founder, Teleradiology SolutionsBangalore
Mr. Gaurav Gandhi
Director & CGM - Amazon Prime Video-India,, Mumbai
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2006)

“The two most important things when one is taking an investment advice are TRUST and a PERSONALISED approach. One needs to be sure that the advice is unbiased & there is no ulterior motive other than to that maximize returns for the client concerned. One also need to be sure that the advice is customized to the need of the client and the advisory firm understands the client well enough (including the investment psyche & the risk taking ability). Mimi & her team evoke that kind of TRUST and COMFORT for every advise they give their clients – be it in term of investments, insurance or building a corpus for any long term need.”

Mr. Gaurav GandhiDirector & CGM - Amazon Prime Video-IndiaMumbai
Mr. Shailesh Chaturvedi
MD &CEO ,Tommy Hilfiger India ,Bangalore,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2013)

“Of course, Sinhasi team came with very solid reference from a dear friend. After having experienced a well round financial planning backed up some very good value system ( empathy , prompt response ) , I hv also become a strong advocate of Sinhasi.
I have moved several steps forward on financial planning with investment into PMS ( Sinhasi suggested I work with Girik ) , covering of gaps in my insurance portfolio ( now, I have house insurance, medical insurance and life cover – hence, I sleep well ) and got sound advice on real estate investments and debt instruments as well. I have learnt a lot about financial planning thru extended network of Sinhasi including tips from guest speakers from Bombay. Clearly, Sinhasi is quite well networked with expert in this trade.
It is always good to work with like-minded people at Sinhasi who are very ethical in money matters.“

Mr. Shailesh ChaturvediMD &CEO ,Tommy Hilfiger India ,Bangalore

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