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Mr. M N Rao
Independent Director, and former Managing Director, Tata Business Support Services, Bangalore and Hyderabad,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2006)

” Mimi invests a great deal in the education of her team and in her own education. This has been both her personal passion as also a professional need. Sinhasi therefore comes up with clear stances and convincing positions, and combines that with a strong and very genuine service orientation.
Yes I would recommend Sinhasi to others”

Mr. M N Rao Independent Director, and former Managing Director, Tata Business Support Services, Bangalore and Hyderabad
Ms. Kashvi Rekhi
Entrepreneur and AuthorMumbai,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2013)

I have changed my Financial Advisors several times over the years until I met the group at Sinhasi. I can see that they are truly interested in serving their clients in the best way possible and don’t hanker for the commissions – something that I found to be common with all my previous Advisors. Sinhasi is conservative with approach to money yet are always on the ball regarding the new financial opportunities in the market. I feel that my hard earned money is safe yet growing at the rate it should. I would recommend Sinhasi Consultants in a heartbeat. I am very satisfied with them.

Ms. Kashvi RekhiEntrepreneur and AuthorMumbai
Mr. G Ajay Row
Former Founder / CEO Litmusworld,, Mumbai
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2006)

“Mimi and her team are conscientious, diligent and blessed with never-failing courtesy. While my wife and I probably have a portfolio which must be one of their smallest, we have always been treated as if we were extra-special. This in direct contrast to other folks (mainly foreign banks) with whom I have worked in the past, they only wanted to sell us more and more of their products and services.

With their planned expansion into real estate services, Sinhasi will become far more helpful to folks like us who have the bulk of our investments in that asset class. We look forward to that. And in the interim, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Sinhasi to anyone looking for help with solid, reliable financial planning and management.

Here’s wishing you all things the best, Mimi and the Sinhasi team!”

Mr. G Ajay RowFormer Founder / CEO LitmusworldMumbai
Mrs. Shashikala & Dr. Muralidhar Rao
Leading Ophthalmologist and Surgeon, Bangalore,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2008)

“For us financial management has never been about money in the sense of actual balance, etc. It has been about an assurance that our reasonable needs, present and future, are met. We have never been good at it. We have neither time nor inclination! Why should we be? With Sinhasi as our advisors for 6 years now, we have been rest assured about our investments. Thank you Sinhasi, – our friend and advisor.

Yes, we have recommended Sinhasi to others.”

Mrs. Shashikala & Dr. Muralidhar RaoLeading Ophthalmologist and Surgeon, Bangalore
Mr. Ajit Kumar Bhattacharjya
Chairman And Managing Director,, ABCON Engineering and Systems Private Limited and ABCON Information Systems Private, Bangalore
(https://Client with Mimi from 2003)

“I see Sinhasi as a Boutique Investment consulting organization, with a superb and strong leader.

My family and I have benefited from good returns on Investments with safety of Capital. I certainly recommend Sinhasi to others who seek my views on Investments.”

Mr. Ajit Kumar Bhattacharjya Chairman And Managing DirectorABCON Engineering and Systems Private Limited and ABCON Information Systems Private, Bangalore
Mr. Vinay Mishra
CEO and Co-Founder of HumaraMovie and HomeVeda, Mumbai,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2009)

“Mimi Partha Sarathy’s professional and courteous approach is very impressive. Sinhasi is regular and diligent in their communication. I am impressed with their ability to have a cautious approach in times of extreme and irrational exuberance. Sinhasi does all the basic things you require from a wealth manager right.

Yes, I will refer Sinhasi to others.”

Mr. Vinay MishraCEO and Co-Founder of HumaraMovie and HomeVeda, Mumbai
Mr. I P Suresh Menon
Adviser- Tax & Regulatory Affairs - Diageo India - Bangalore,,
(https://Client with Mimi from 2012)

“I deliberated about entrusting my investment portfolio to Sinhasi for a long time – largely due to the inertia of disturbing the status quo and partly due to the enormity of the decision. I am now wondering why I didn’t do it sooner! The attention to detail, their ‘technical’ understanding and insights on every investment option and, above all, the genuineness of their approach, comes through at every interaction and with everyone at Sinhasi. One doesn’t ever get the feeling of being ‘pushed’ to take a decision either way and that is a welcome difference.

I am glad my family and I are with Sinhasi – I wouldn’t now have it any other way. And yes, I would refer Sinhasi to others.” “

Mr. I P Suresh MenonAdviser- Tax & Regulatory Affairs - Diageo India - Bangalore
Capt. Harish Jolly
Merchant Navy – Retd – Calcutta,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2006)

“Sinhasi Consultants have been looking after my family’s financial affairs for the last 8 years. They come as a complete package and plan for each families unique requirements.

What sets them apart is that they are always available and deal with their clients on a personal level. They have steered my family’s financial affairs through good years and bad years successfully. The best way to describe them would be “consultants you can trust”

Capt. Harish JollyMerchant Navy – Retd – Calcutta
Mr. Prakash Baskaran
CEO of Pawaa Software, Bangalore,,
(https://Client with Mimi from 2002)

“I have been with Sinhasi from day one. Prior to Sinhasi my portfolio was being managed by large firms where every six months or so I would get a new manager/advisor. There was no continuity and no one understood my needs and priorities. More importantly, no one took the responsibility or interest to maximize the return on my investments.

Mimi and her team have consistently delivered with proper planning. They have continually monitored, adjusted and modified my allocations based on my needs and the market conditions. They have done an excellent job from day one and Sinhasi has filled the gap that exists in the financial advisory space.

Yes, I have recommended Sinhasi to others “

Mr. Prakash BaskaranCEO of Pawaa Software, Bangalore
Mr. Ajoy Chawla
Chief Executive Officer- Jewellery, Titan Company Limited, Bangalore,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2007)

“I have not used personal financial advisors so can’t compare – but compared to Banks and wealth managers, Sinhasi does not try to push too many structured products onto us. Also there is continuity as the relationship is with a set of people who are around for a longer period of time. Mimi’s personal touch and supervision plays a big role in building my confidence.

Disciplined, holistic yet simplified financial planning that Sinhasi has helped me with has enabled me to eliminate the pressure or guilt of not having thought thru my investments and finances. It has made me feel less burdened as I know someone is watching out for my finances, freeing me up of my time to pursue other things in life.

I have recommended Sinhasi to many others.”

Mr. Ajoy ChawlaChief Executive Officer- Jewellery, Titan Company Limited, Bangalore

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