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Mrs. Swarna Dinkar
V.P Engineering, VSM Software (P) Ltd, former Principal Consultant, Satyam Computer Services, Bangalore,
Mr. Dinkar Sitaram
Professor and Director of Center for Cloud Computing and Big Data, PES University, Bangalore, and former Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard STSD Division, Bangalore,Hewlett Packard STSD Division, PES University, Bangalore
(https://Been a client with Sinhasi since 2006)

“In this age of insecurities, tensions and hectic lifestyles, I had no time to focus on my own finances… Thanks to your personal attention and guidance, I know this aspect of my life is in safe hands. Your vision, attention to details, the timely advice, long term strategy to wealth building, and most of all the continuity in your service are key elements that I cannot expect from anybody else. Thank you Mimi and Sinhasi for being there. Yes I have recommended Sinhasi to others.”

Mrs. Swarna DinkarV.P Engineering, VSM Software (P) Ltd, former Principal Consultant, Satyam Computer Services, BangaloreHewlett Packard STSD Division, PES UniversityBangalore
Mr. Sandeep Singh
Managing Director, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Limited, Bangalore, and Former Managing Director, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering & Manufacturing.,,
(https://Been a client with Sinhasi since 2012)

“I have been dealing with Sinhasi team for the last 18 months, I have found them very courteous, transparent and methodical in their dealings. I have benefitted financially with their investment plan made for me and reiterate my full confidence in them.”

Mr. Sandeep SinghManaging Director, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Limited, Bangalore, and Former Managing Director, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Engineering & Manufacturing.
Mr. Sameer Nair
CEO Applause Entertainment and former Group CEO Balaji Telefilms , Star TV and NDTV Imagine, Mumbai,
Mrs. Sanvari Alagh Nair
Founder and Director, House Proud Pvt Ltd and Former Creative Director, NDTV Imagine, Mumbai,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi from 2005)

“Sinhasi’s personalized service is unmatchable. They cater to our specific needs individually and structure a plan for each person of the family, depending on the requirements. They are ready and on call on any given day and are extremely prompt in their reverts and suggestions. They have helped us build a plan for our future and those of our children for all the major years of their life when finance will be required. I would most certainly recommend Sinhasi to others, and they add true value to each investment.”

Mr. Sameer NairCEO Applause Entertainment and former Group CEO Balaji Telefilms , Star TV and NDTV Imagine, Mumbai
Mr. Jawahar Gopal
Director - Featherlite Group, Bangalore,,
(https://Client with Sinhasi since 2010)

“I am very happy that Sinhasi has completed 8 fruitful years. Sincere Congratulations. This achievement has been possible because of your hard work and professionalism.

What we like about Sinhasi is your One to One approach, explaining everything personally, and the timely reminders not to miss any premiums / installments of premiums, etc.

I once again take this opportunity to congratulate you and the Sinhasi team for this excellent achievement. All the best for the years to come. I have recommended Sinhasi to others.”

Mr. Jawahar GopalDirector - Featherlite Group, Bangalore
Mr. Prasad Narasimhan
Managing Partner, Asia – The Brand Gym - Bangalore,,
(https://Client since November 2013)

“Sinhasi bring in a deep understanding of my financial needs which combines both my articulated needs as well as their objectivity. By challenging my assumptions and engaging me in discussions around alternatives, they helped me get much more comfortable with the specifics of my plan.

It is still early days, but I can say with conviction that Sinhasi have definitely put me on the rails to prudent financial planning. They have reminded me of my priorities & the gaps in my investment portfolio; and have forced me to take a much more disciplined approach. I am already feeling that I am in much better control than I was before I met them. I would recommend Sinhasi to others.”

Mr. Prasad NarasimhanManaging Partner, Asia – The Brand Gym - Bangalore
Divya Khanna
Former VP & Strategic Planning Director – J. Walter Thompson Worldwide,,
(https://Been a client with Sinhasi since 2017)

Pro activeness and holistic planning is unique to Sinhasi.  Other advisors I worked with in the past would wait for me to come up with an investment amount or idea and then ratify/reject it. With Sinhasi, I get the sense that there is someone looking out for me and my portfolio, and will make suggestions that I may not be able to come up with on my own.
I feel a sense of control over my financial situation after partnering with Sinhasi and also reassured for stability and growth in the future.

Divya KhannaFormer VP & Strategic Planning Director – J. Walter Thompson Worldwide
Gautam Nevatia
Director - Vinar Systems Private Limited,,
(https://Been a client with Sinhasi since 2016)

A  genuine eagerness to understand the clients requirements and provide a bespoke product, not just made to measure ,  is unique about Sinhasi.  Finding a solution is more important than getting your account and they are realistic about expectations.

For now we have made an initial investment through Sinhasi as it was our first foray into portfolio management and advisory. I like the attitude and sincerity of the founder and the staff of Sinhasi. Actually I feel  my association with Sinhasi  is a partnership and not a transaction.

Gautam NevatiaDirector - Vinar Systems Private Limited
Mr. Vinayak Iyer
Interactive Marketing Manager at ITC Ltd.,,
(https://Been a client with Sinhasi since 2008)

Sinhasi Consultants is your extended arm and they take inputs and suggestions from their clients before creating an investment plan. They understand the risk appetite of the client and come up with a tailor made solution. This is something I find unique in form of a personalized service rather than forcing the clients to make the traditional investments. Also their regular events help the clients understand the financial industry and the performance in Indian Scenario. Via these events, we as investors understand the rationale behind the actions taken by Sinhasi Consultants.
I have known Sinhasi Consultants since the time I was a student and not a working professional. They used to and still continue to be financial advisors and planners for my father and his network of friends and colleagues. There is a trust factor which is built and for me now as a working professional, I can think about my professional life, and not worry about my investment planning and finances. I know it is in “Safe Hands”

Mr. Vinayak IyerInteractive Marketing Manager at ITC Ltd.
Ms. Lalitha Sitapati
Former Manager Wipro,,
(https://Been a client with Sinhasi since 2005)

I have known Mimi both personally and professionally for close to 20 years now. In that time, I can vouch for her professionalism as well as her commitment to her clients.
So, when she started Sinhasi Consultants more than a decade ago, it was not a hard choice to follow her and continue to be in her counsel for financial matters. She has not led me astray and has advised me to make some very tough, yet rewarding decisions.
The Sinhasi team is very clued in about your personal portfolio and their advice and services are personalized and tailored to meet your specific needs.
They are prompt and are very good with following up and are always ready to help. They have their fingers on the pulses of their clientele and are able to provide information in a very relatable manner.
My financial portfolio is diverse and as a retiree, I am comfortable in my current financial position. Sinhasi is now helping me with my legacy planning and I am very happy with their ability in helping me understand how my financial position can/will help in furthering it.

Ms. Lalitha SitapatiFormer Manager Wipro
Mr. Pradeep Bhargava
Former Managing Director at Cummins Generator Technologies India LtdPast Chairman , CII – Western RegionPune,,
(https://Client with Mimi from 2000)

“The relationship between a Client and the Financial Planner/ Advisor has the same character and characteristics that one finds between a person and his/ her Doctor or Lawyer. It sustains only if there is proven Competence and total Trust. I rate Sinhasi Consultants very high on both these Parameters, and it makes engagement with them a rewarding and comforting partnership. I have been with them when Mimi started the Enterprise in her humble but sturdy manner. Her persona has reflected on the Organisation which has displayed both Competence and Trust..

My engagement with Sinhasi started when I had completed about 25 years of work experience and had all the anxiety of mid-life career. Sinhasi ( Mimi ) captured the status , and factored all aspects of my future journey ( career growth, settling my two children, retiral needs…) very comprehensively and steered my financial planning very diligently . I clearly see the benefits as i enter the evening of my professional journey. And it has also given the base for my son and daughter’s financial planning for years to come.

Mr. Pradeep BhargavaFormer Managing Director at Cummins Generator Technologies India LtdPast Chairman , CII – Western RegionPune

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