Sinhasi for Kids

We at Sinhasi constantly endeavour to make each one of our clients ‘feel on top of their game’ with regard to their investments, financial goals and plans.

In this endeavour, we believe strongly  that financial literacy, when started at an early age in our homes, makes a huge  positive difference in the lives of our children as they grow to become  adults and are ready for their own financial plans and investments once they start working and earning.  We have noticed that many young people between the ages of 20 – 30 years possibly shy away from planning their finances as they have not heard about these topics while growing up.  And what better place to learn than at Sinhasi!

Also, today, the emphasis is more on consumption and spending, even if it means living on loans and less on saving and planning for the future. And this be the cause a lot of social and emotional problems when things go wrong.

Sinhasi for Kids – a Fun and Easy way to  Learn more about Money  is a special program designed for our children between the ages of 10  and 16 years.  Almost all  children do have some idea about money since they see us spending and buying things for them , and ourselves!   So, in this program we would like them to learn ‘more’ about Money!

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