Market Events and our Reactions!!

24 September, 2021

            Market Events and our Reactions!!

For some 'investors' it is never the right time to enter the market. Every time is the wrong time. And they land up missing the bus!

Market volatility

'Let’s invest later when markets are less volatile'

Market Volatility

Market is falling

Let’s invest later – 'Wait for the market to fall more' or 'Wait let the panic come down'

Market Fall

Markets Recovering

Let’s invest later- 'There’s still so much uncertainty'

Market Recovery

Market at Peak

Let’s invest later – 'Too high, this market’s going to correct'

Reality check – What’s going to happen!!

  • Markets will always be volatile. They will always be going up and down. Markets have a cycle of falling and climbing further.
  • We can never time the market perfectly.
  • You will enter at times when the market is on a bull run and also at a time when it is tormented by the bears. But remember that is when you will average your buys and consolidate a better position.
  • I have seen this over many periods and realised a 5 year plus horizon is required for you to ride the market growth. Stick the distance and you will get alpha returns from the markets

Must Do’s!

  • Stay calm, disciplined and balanced always both during bear runs and bull runs. Yes, there will be ups and downs. Learn to live with it
  • Set your goals / milestones. Figure out a financial plan to meet them. You may need help in getting this prepared. Get a good financial planner who can advise and partner you in the financial journey!
Sinhasi Consultants – following best practices of 'Dynamic Balance for Alpha returns' especially during volatile times!

We urge you to have conversations with certified financial planners who can help with your risk profiling and therefore asset allocation portfolio. They are in the best objective position to help you understand and mitigate the risks of letting fear get the better of you.

Reach out to us

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