Our Approach

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Our success formula for Alpha returns is based on the principle of Dynamic Balance.

Risk Related Investments:

Our foremost reason is to ENRICH your portfolio using the Sinhasi "PLAN DEEP" approach while choosing any Risk Related investment opportunities for superior sustainable returns, be it an Asset Management Company, PMS House, Gold Fund, International fund, or Real Estate Fund, keeping in mind a 5 to 10 years minimum time horizon:

  1. Pedigree: Our choice of Risk Related Investments across asset classes must have investment management skills with pedigree, credibility and background.
  1. Long Term:Fund size (AUM) and number of years of existence are again key criterions with a consistent and sustainable commitment to business on hand during ups and more importantly, the downs.
  1. Accessibility:We see the instrument manager's capability, proven track record and his accessibility to us and clients for regular market views and updates.
  1. Normalizing Knowledge across the Spectrum:We prefer not to look for a one-man- army. Strong leadership is a must. Yet credibility and performance should not be dependent on any single manager's skills or expertise but a basket of experts.
  1. Drawdown Contingency: The investment should have consistency of performance over a 3-to-5-year period through market volatility. During bear markets or a major market correction, corrections in the portfolio should be lower than the index.
  1. Empathetic Service Levels: High service levels to both distributors and clients to help combat euphoria or despair is imperative.
  1. Ethical Commitment to Business:Consistency of commitment to business on hand with regulatory compliances always with ethics, compliance and professionalism in the way they conduct their business.
  1. Performance Led:All performances should be always consistently above their respective indices for alpha returns to Enrich their investments over the long-term.

Debt Investments:

Here, the keyword is PROTECT and our approach is SAFETY

at all times.
  1. Stability: Organization issuing the long-term debt should have Government ownership, sovereign guarantee, and longevity in their business operations to meet long term debt obligation. There should be no corporate governance issues or credit risk on the product.
  1. AAA Preferred: Government issued or backed debt instruments are always preferred, be it short or long-term debt. LIC or PSUs backed instruments are preferred along with high rated corporate debt with credit rating of AAA & above.
  1. Future Returns:While investing in long-term debt, market condition should be favorable i.e., Interest rate should be higher than inflation or at its peak. Big NO to long-term debt when interest rates are bottoming out. Yield from long-term debt should match client's expectations as per the financial plan/portfolio.
  1. Easy Access: The investment, be it long term or short term, should be easily accessible to our clients to invest.
  1. Tax Efficiency: Look for tax efficiency to maximize return with the credo - Protect.
  1.  You First: While locking the funds in long term debt, we ensure that "you", our client, has enough liquidity in your portfolio for any short term requirements or emergencies. Safety and liquidity are primary objectives rather than returns for short term debt investments.