Tools for victory - The ‘weapons’ or ‘Ayudha’ used to conquer evil

22 October, 2023 0 Comments

            Tools for victory - The ‘weapons’ or ‘Ayudha’ used to conquer evil

The right ‘Ayudhas’ or tools are key to achieving success.

The significance of Maha Navami celebrated during Navratri explains the connection between Durga and the worship of Ayudhas or weapons.

Mahanavami marks the ninth day and involves the worship of weapons, often referred to as ‘Ayudha Puja’. This day is associated with revering the tools that are used to achieve victory and conquer obstacles.

On the ninth day, Mahanavami, all the weapons are cleaned and worshipped. Deities are believed to bestow their power upon these weapons to ensure victory. Each weapon has been bestowed to the Goddess and represents a divine power. The worship of weapons is done to ensure that they are used for righteous purposes and do not harm those who wield them. It is a symbolic act of sanctifying the tools of warfare.

Ayudha Puja is a significant part of the Vijayadashami celebration in many regions of India.

Many of us celebrate this day by cleaning, decorating, and worshipping various items we have in our homes and offices like computers, mobile phones, washing machines, refrigerators, musical instruments, our cars and vehicles, and any machines etc. In some cases, many businesses, factories and workshops are closed to honour the tools and machinery that support their livelihoods. And today the most valuable possession for almost all of us is our mobile phones for sure!

The act of worshipping these various items, machines or tools are symbolic to the understanding that they are so essential to our happiness and success in our lives.


Our weapons or support comes in the form of tangibles and intangibles.

The Ayudhas or tools that we have today are not just in the form of machines or instruments or physical tools, but also in the form of so many people who have come together to help us, support us, and protect us during our times of need. We must have reverence and gratitude for them, be it our friends or family, our bosses or colleagues, our staff and help in our homes and the network of human kindness who are there for us who make it possible for us to work towards achieving our goals and dreams . And the most important Ayudha or the weapon - the Bramhāstra that we need for our victory and financial success is the right knowledge and clarity for dynamic balance which will surely help us to have a sustainable, happy and peaceful life.

No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.”

"The more grateful we are, the more happiness we get. The more we express our gratitude to others, the more our inner doors open so that we can receive the infinite peace, light and bliss of the Supreme."