Sinhasi Intelligent Investing Forum 1 (2014)

22 April, 2015

            Sinhasi Intelligent Investing Forum 1 (2014)

HELD ON: Friday April 11th, 2014
VENUE: Taj Gateway Hotel, Bangalore

The purpose of this forum was to have experts speak about several important aspects of the economy and the investment environment which impact each one of us as individual investors, especially since we had begun our election process.

Presentations were made by very eminent personalities namely:

Mr. Prashant Jain

Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, HDFC Mutual Fund, Mumbai, made a very relevant presentation on the Strategy and Discipline required for Successful Investing, the importance of PE and valuations while investing, FII Behavior, the importance of Asset Allocation while investing, and what we can expect with the India Growth Story going forward.


Mr. Mohandas Pai

Chairman, Manipal Global Education Services, Bangalore, made a very good presentation on My Dream for India – Making India a $10 Trillion Economy and shared some very relevant details on key economic indicators , GDP trends and sector relevance, India Vs China – important date, the changing world in terms of population and economic relevance and growth, Positive factors as well as Areas of Improvement for Indian Economic Growth – savings, industrial base, young population, higher education focus, financial service and banking sector, Challenges that need to be urgently addressed such as over dependence on rural agriculture and the need to move to manufacturing and services for GDP growth and per capital income increase, skill development of the growing young population, rapid urbanization and the need to improve our cities, the need for infrastructure investment, inflation control and deficit control, good governance, etc.


Prof. R Vaidyanathan

Finance and Control, IIM Bangalore made a very interesting and humorous presentation on Global Crisis: Implications for India and detailed some interesting facts about Global Debt – country wise and facts about Household Debt – the Western world vs. the Indian Scene, The importance and contribution of the unorganized sector of India to India’s Growth Story, the importance of Gold as investment and collateral, etc. He also gave some important facts from his latest best –seller India Uninc – which talks about the importance and challenges faced by the unorganized sector of India to India’s Growth Story. Each of the attendees was given a signed copy of the book.

The event was attended by over 85 Managing Directors, CEOs and Senior Management from several companies.