Sinhasi Enriching Program - Series 1

11 January, 2016

            Sinhasi Enriching Program - Series 1

At Sinhasi, we are committed to providing a holistic personal finance service and this gave rise to the introduction of the "SINHASI ENRICHING PROGRAMS" platform in December 2015 that brings together a congregation of like – minded people with the aim to enrich each other through powerful interactions. These sessions will be held in the Sinhasi Conference Hall, a unique traditional heritage structure , located in what one would call “unspoilt” old Bangalore. A stand-alone office space and conference hall in Malleshwaram, nestling among huge trees and straddling gardens, “in the heart of the city – yet away from its din” – we’ve chosen this space to drive home to every one of our clients the warmth of our spirit to protect and enrich.

The SINHASI ENRICHING PROGRAM – SERIES 1 was recently held on December – 5th 2015.

The focus of the event was to have one – on – one interactions with Mr. Charandeep Singh, Managing Director, Girik Capital, Mumbai. The conversations were about the Girik PMS unique strategy, performance, its investment style, strategy, analysis, etc. Discussions also revolved around macro and micro economic factors that influences funds performance and the stock markets.

The morning started off with a sumptuous typical south Indian breakfast of idly, vada, sambar and chutney, sweets, and special south Indian coffee, all specialities of Malleshwaram. Many of our guests had not visited this part of Bangalore for its culinary expertise and relished the dishes. It gave an opportunity for our clients to meet, converse and get to know each other.

The eco friendly ambience, learnings and positive energies enhanced the overall experience and truly lived up to the holistic approach evangelized by Sinhasi. On the whole it was a unique, empowering and enriching day that brought us closer as a family.”